Food Photographer & Videographer…

Who I am: recipe developer, food photographer, videographer, blogger, and mom of 3 girls and work remotely.

Who I work with: Brands, food companies, food bloggers! Basically anyone or any business that has to do with food! Along with businesses that understand having top-notch photography and videos on their websites (and social media) is one of the best investments they can make in their business; to help grow their audience and reach their target market! (AKA – I help you make more money by showcasing your food or recipes in the light it deserves.)

My Style: Light & bright food photography! (But I can also do dark and moody or colorful, if those are more your vibe.) I love to create content that your readers, or customers, can taste just by looking at the photos on your site! Work style: professional, punctual, & flexible.

My Experience: I started developing my own recipes when I became a mom, almost 11 years ago, and wanted only the best food for my kids! Don’t we all?!

I am a graduate from Pretty Focused and have gone through Foodtography School. I also have Bachelors degree in Psychology, with a focus in child psychology & neuroscience.

Fun Facts: I’ve always had a passion for art & I can be a bit of a nerd (such as when I obsessed over learning the
brain in college, now I obsess over nutrition as a mom – they’re related!)

Food your readers can taste before heading to the kitchen!